As soon as you join us, our team of expert advisors will contact you to offer training in the best strategies for trading in the financial markets.

S24 Trading Ltd. employs leading experts in all aspects of online trading. They are ready to work with you to widen your knowledge, build your skillset and give you the best chance of achieving success.

Our specialists have backgrounds as executives, brokers at international exchanges, and department heads. Their talent and experience enables S24 Trading Ltd. to create the industry’s most innovative approaches to trading education.

Our experts have constructed a truly unique method of teaching stock trading, complete with the most modern techniques and resources. As you gain knowledge, you’ll trade in the real markets with real money under the guidance of a leading broker, in order to minimize risks. This system has proven to be a highly successful approach. Because there is a financial interest, our clients rapidly absorb all necessary information by trading alongside an experienced broker, and within a few weeks are able to trade effectively and independently.

The latest technologies for remote learning

Our live, interactive classes are devoted to the main topics of trading. Before you start trading with a broker, you need to understand the general principles, terms and techniques.

Personal consultations with professional brokers and analysts provide unique learning opportunities, creating personalized training programs based on the recommendations of our experts.

Training with a personal consultant selected from amongst our leading brokers will allow to define your investment preferences and develop the trading strategy that best suits your lifestyle and financial goals.

The purpose of training is to teach you how to open profitable positions in the international financial markets, using the right tools at the right times.

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