Description of Services

When the Client registers on the site and accesses the platform, he or she may fund the trading account in any amount that he/she deems necessary. These funds are then immediately available for trading via the web platform, desktop terminal or mobile platform.

All trading positions that the Client opens require collateral, depending on the volume of the transaction. The Client indicates the required amount of the transaction. The Company undertakes to provide support to the Client in respect of any investment.

1. Trading operations carried out by the Company assume the provision by the Company to the Client of the following investment and additional services, according to the Company’s obligations under the terms of the Agreement:
(a) investment services for the execution of Client orders based on his/her individual account;
(b) cash/security management in accordance with Section 3 of this document;
(c) currency transactions, provided that they are related to the provision of services under articles (a) and (b).

2. The parties agree that in the course of trading with CFDs, the Company does not hold any of the Client’s financial instruments, and does not provide services related to the safekeeping or management of financial instruments at the expense of the Client, or depository services.

3. Access to the trading platform is based on the installed or connected terminal which stores the records of capital invested.

4. Training and other brokerage Client support services, including analytics, are dependent upon on availability, the personal preferences of the Client, as well as on funds being deposited to start trading.